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The latest key to the fountain of youth

If you live in the New York metro area, you’ve probably been challenged when you try to make a beauty appointment – say, you want Botox from a top Manhattan doctor.  Now instead of calling around to find a recommended provider and then schedule appointments, you can obviate all that frustration.  Upkeep is the new beauty app – now available in New York City – that allows you to see which provider is offering beauty or medispa appointments in your area, and it even allows you to book the same day or for the future.  Even better, this luxury app offers a carefully curated list of preferred providers, so you know you are getting a third-party recommendation for first-rate services.

Entrepreneur Tiffany Faith Demers created the Upkeep App, using her extensive background in the beauty industry. “I came up with Upkeep to provide a solution to a personal problem, which I then realized was a massive gap in the beauty industry.”

I was just in Los Angeles, and I used Upkeep to book a terrific Botox appointment at a highly recommended medispa called SkinTight Aesthetics in Brentwood. It was a quick 20-minute Uber ride from my airport hotel and totally worthwhile.  I met with registered nurse Leigh Godfrey – this is her practice, and she has been a nurse for 33 years  – and it was one of the best beauty appointments in my life.  She not only expertly administered 22 units of Botox to my crow’s feet, but she also gave me welcome recommendations as to some dermal procedures I may want to use in the future. Yes, she took 10 years off of my face with Botox, and also outlined what kinds of fillers I may want to consider in the future, along with a map of my face indicating what dermatological product should go where. It was a great experience.  I’m so ready for that liquid facelift.

Besides New York City and Los Angeles, Upkeep is available in Orange County, Malibu and San Diego (all in California) and Miami and Palm Beach, Florida. It’s soon to be nationwide. 

Adds Demers: “We put our users first and even offer rewards redeemable for pampering treatments and free consultations to point clients in the right direction.”

It’s just the newest key to the Fountain of Youth.

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