Romantic Fascination

Ya gotta have heart


WAG first met Kerri Rosenthal a couple of years ago when she was working with a Weston-based interior design firm. Today, the longtime artist and interior designer is on her own with a stunning Westport design studio/showroom that offers a glimpse into her heart-filled world.

Restoring body and soul


Wagger Meghan met up with RēCOVER co-founder Aaron Drogoszewski to learn more about his fitness background and what prompted him to create the world’s first studio dedicated to restoring the body.

This Brutus is no brute


His is a tough-guy name, one that he shares with Julius Caesar’s chief assassin, whom Shakespeare has rival Marc Antony describe in “Julius Caesar” as “the noblest Roman of them all.” But this Brutus is one gentle pooch.