Crowning glories

Hair-raising stuff from TikTok and Oribe.

What’s the hottest trend among young men today? According to a recent New York Times article and as seen on TikTok and Time magazine’s Next Generation Leaders cover featuring actor Timothée Chalamet, it’s a poufy look sprouting from the crown and inspired by Alexander the Great, the Greco-Macedonian conqueror of the Persian Empire, who definitely new a thing or two about spinning movie-star looks. It’s a power look and perhaps the reason it’s popular today is because so many people feel powerless.

In other hair news, WAG’s senior luxury travel and beauty writer Debbi K. Kickham gives us the scoop on new products from Oribe:

I’ve got blue eyes – and I have blond hair, even though it comes from a bottle. “If I only have one life to live, let me live it as a blonde,” as the Clairol ads and commercials used to say.

But that takes a toll on my locks. Enter Oribe’s (pronounced Or-bay) Renewal Remedy, the celebrity stylist’s first-ever in-salon-only treatment to transform your hair, Lucky me, I got the service at an outstanding Oribe salon in Boston called Stilisti (that’s the Italian word for “stylist”) but WAG readers can take advantage of this pure -perfection pampering at Jacob Allen Salon in Pound Ridge.

But you’re asking yourself: Who was Oribe? Well, He was a handsome Cuban-born man who wanted to be an actor, but his passions changed one day when he became a receptionist at a hair salon. He was responsible for the J Lo bouffant look – and the rest is history. You can read his 2018 obit here

Here is what Jacob Allen’s owner, Samantha Pfeiffer, told me: “I wanted to offer my clients the very best with a luxury product, which Oribe delivers. Oribe not only has an excellent reputation, but sets the bar very high, as do I…Here at Jacob Allen Salon we offer the Oribe Scalp Exfoliating Treatment, as well as the Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience or, as we like to call them, hair Botox.

“The Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience is one of our best-selling treatments from Oribe. There are three different formulas, or Amplifiers, that are customizable depending on what the client may need. The Smoothing Amplifier is definitely a top seller among the frizzy-haired clients. The Strengthening Amplifier and Color Retention are really loved by our blondes. The Renewal Remedies Treatment Experience gives an instantaneous hydration and collagen boost, and our clients and staff absolutely love it.”

Indeed, at Stilisti, one of Boston’s best hair salons – on tony Newbury Street – I had the Renewal Remedies Treatment experience ($65), and Morgan Occhicone, my stylist, told me, “Its goal is to make your hair healthier and stronger from the inside out.”

My hair certainly needed it. I’m a Level 10 blonde – and that means upkeep, upkeep and more upkeep – in addition to more stress, stress, stress on my strands. First came the Foundation – a “sugar-protein” complex that fortifies the inner structure of the hair. “It works from the inside out,” Morgan told me. It sits on the hair for about five minutes, while you are at the shampoo station. The treatment also features a special polymeric UV-filter complex – which means it “it helps to prevent oxidation so that the color lasts longer,” she added. Step Two is the Amplifier. This strengthening amplifier “has 12 amino acids that help to fortify the inner structure of your hair, to prevent breakage and improve elasticity. The best part is that it lasts from four-to-six weeks – and the treatments compound (like interest) the more you do them.” For me – and for all blondes – she recommended that I shampoo with Oribe’s signature Gold Lust formula – “It’s really good if you get lightened frequently.”

The other characteristic that I just loved about Stilisti is that it doesn’t have a posh attitude, just a posh location. As owner Marisa Marino told me, it’s more like a mom-and-pop salon (one that has won awards for its blow-dries from Boston Magazine several times). Marisa is also the creator of “the world’s best shower cap” which you can order from her salon. This wonderful $19.95 indulgence is very big, durable – like the shower caps from the 1950s – and it features a terrycloth interior. You can order it via email by visiting

The same kind of feeling holds true at Salon Jacob Allen: “Here at Jacob Allen we have set the bar very high. We are a small boutique salon that gives a very happy, warm and inviting atmosphere. We strive to run the salon like a well-oiled machine, so that your experience from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave is consistent. We work very well as a team and our clients love our vibe.”

For more, visit And follow Debbi on Instagram @DebbiKickham.

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