Custom Candle Co. has your (zodiac) sign

Custom Candle Co. in Bedford Hills makes eco-friendly candles.

Here’s a clever host/hostess gift or treat for yourself that’s right for any time of the year – The Zodiac Candles from Custom Candle Co. in Bedford Hills. The business was born from Marcie Manfredonia-Siciliano’s desire to create an eco-friendly, nontoxic, long-lasting scented candle that her allergy- and asthma-prone family could enjoy. Her natural soy products have been transformed into musical candles and candles poured into repurposed liquor bottles, among other offerings.

Right now we’d like to call your attention to her Leo candle (scent: Turquoise Sky) from The Zodiac collection. The birth sign of high summer, Leo reigns over all that is dramatic, charismatic, confident, generous and loyal. Lions/lionesses are sure to want some Leo candles for their summer entertaining. But why let Leos have all the fun?

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