Essenza hand soaps offer simple luxury

Remember those old commercials for Calgon?

A woman — overwhelmed by a barrage of daily stresses, from traffic jams to yelling bosses to crying children — would wail, “Calgon, take me away.”

And suddenly we saw her, no stress in sight, luxuriating in a Calgon bubble bath.

That all ran through my mind when WAG recently received a parcel filled with samples of the summer scents of Essenza Luxury Hand Soap, and we started to sniff the selections.

The elegant packaging and bold colors get you ready for a quick trip to a faraway destination with the product itself completing the virtual journey.

Of course, there’s the practical side: The blend of essential oils, shea butter and aloe leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized – and there are no artificial dyes or colorings.

We found ourselves visiting the South Pacific Waters, savoring the Mango Agave of the Caribbean and traversing the South of France thanks to the French Lavender.

Those were just a few of our samples. There are plenty more to explore. And starting at just $3.99 per bottle, you can easily become a “frequent flyer.”

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– Mary Shustack

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