“Fall”ing for books

Labor Day weekend is a good time to either catch up on some reading or plan your autumn reading. And it just so happens that two good friends of WAG have new books out.

Former WAG editor Emily Liebert bows as a novelist with “You Knew Me When” (New American Library/Penguin), the story of a successful Manhattan cosmetics executive, Katherine Hill, who goes home to Manchester, Vt. where she and estranged BFF Laney Marten have inherited the Victorian mansion of former neighbor Luella Hancock. Cleverly, this tale of friendship lost and rekindled as its own lines of nail polishes, dresses and charms that reflect the strong heroines’ personalities. For more, check out emilyliebert.com and WAG’s September “Rag Time” issue.

Meanwhile, Sarah Bracey White, executive director of Greenburgh’s Arts and Culture Committee, offers readers some “Primary Lessons” (CavanKerry Press), a powerful memoir of being ripped from a comfortable Philadelphia childhood to grow up as a black girl in the Jim Crow South. It’s a story of prejudice, bitterness and hatred on both sides of the racial divide that moves toward understanding and freedom just as Sarah begins college in Baltimore and the March on Washington unfolds, Aug. 28, 1963. For upcoming appearances, visit sarahbraceywhite.com.

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