From foster to forever

A New Chance Animal Rescue (ANCAR) is a Bedford-based dog rescue started in 2011 by
mother-daughter team Sharon and Sophia Silverman that has found a unique way to improve the lives of homeless animals.

Instead of warehousing dogs in overcrowded shelters, the organization uses the “foster-home” model of placing them with a real family in a home that cares for them until a suitable forever home can be found. 

The rescue dogs are given constant love and attention by the foster family. They are acclimated to the normal daily activities of a family home environment. This teaches them necessary social skills which promotes and allows the greatest chance for successful adoption.

ANCAR has a personalized approach to finding the perfect match.  Home visits prepare potential adoption families so that they are “rescue-dog ready.” They are provided with detailed information from the foster families about the dog’s habits, behavior, favorite things, etc. so the transition is much smoother for dog and new master.

In addition to focusing on foster care, ANCAR also operates under a “no mom left behind” policy where entire puppy litters including the mother are brought in to ensure she is not caught in puppy-mill cycles or simply abandoned. They also have developed “Save a Geezer” and “Fospice” (foster and hospice) programs which provide care for senior and terminally ill dogs, respectively, which are traditionally very hard to place.

What is remarkable is that ANCAR provides these programs without any government funding and is supported entirely by donations. Fueled by the efforts of a dedicated and active base of foster families, volunteers, donors and community supporters, ANCAR has been able to save the lives of hundreds of dogs placing them in warm, loving, safe, and healthy environments in our area.

Now isn’t that a chance all rescue animals deserve? 

To learn more about fostering and  to support A New Chance Animal Rescue, visit 

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