Good eats (for the skin)

The whimsical creations of AubreyEApothecary are almost good enough to eat.


But these chicken wings – and sushi, cheeseburgers, strawberry-frosted donuts and syrup-coated waffles – are better served in the bathroom, rather than the kitchen.

These mock munchies, handcrafted by food lover Aubrey Elizabeth of Winchester, Connecticut, are actually bath and body products that include soaps, scrubs and balms.

“I think people love the quirkiness of having food-shaped soaps,” Elizabeth says. “It’s a question of: ‘Wait, why is this by the sink? Is it food? Is it soap?’ It’s unexpected and gives a good laugh to guests.”

And there’s surely soap for every palette.

For those with a sweet tooth, Elizabeth creates scrumptious (looking) cinnamon buns, ice cream sandwiches, gummy bears, cupcakes, éclairs, chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, s’mores, Oreos, macaroons and ice cream. For the breakfast buffs, there are waffles, buttered toast and bacon and eggs. For the lunchtime lovers, there are French fries, drumsticks, beer, sushi, hot dogs and cheeseburgers.

And for the upcoming holidays, she’s offering eggnog mugs, Christmas cookies and – eek – lumps of coal – as perfect stocking stuffer options.

A creative soul, Elizabeth dabbled in many activities as a child, from painting, drawing, photography, writing and music to crocheting and woodworking. At 8 years old, she sold her own handmade Christmas ornaments at a craft show. And years later, in 2009, when she was in search of the perfect handmade gift for her mother – she fell into soap making.

“The concept came about organically,” Elizabeth says. “Once I got started with soap, I couldn’t stop. My mind was always reeling with ideas and I couldn’t create fast enough.”

Of late, her constant creating has led to a new product for beards.

“Recently, I’ve been interested in the reemergence of men with beards,” Elizabeth says. “My boyfriend wanted to tame his. He was trying to find the perfect product, so I thought a beard balm would be fun.”

Not only are her soaps undeniably adorable, but all of her products help replenish the skin. The soaps are glycerin-based, for a gentle, non-drying effect. And rather than delve in complicated ingredients, she sticks to the basics by experimenting with different butters for balms and scrubs, such as mango butter with vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants. As a girl with dryer skin, she says, she strives to offer a remedy.

And with some 13,000 purchases on Etsy thus far, it seems that she has.

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– Danielle Renda


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