Jeff Lazarus’ ‘dog’ ma

When asked what religion he believed in, Jeff charmingly blurted out, “Dogtology.” 

Chew on this: It was a clever, offhand remark made on a first date that sparked a revelation within and a literary feat for Jeff Lazarus.

When asked what religion he believed in, Jeff charmingly blurted out, “Dogtology.” 

Soon after, realizing he was not alone in his “dogmatic” adoration for a pet (his being a stray named Roamy) Jeff was inspired to put his thoughts to paper for a book entitled “Dogtology:  Live. Bark. Believe, a Humorous Exploration of Man’s Fur-ocious Devotion to Dogs” (Skyhorse Publishing). It’s a guide for those who love all things canine.

Never to be upstaged, a cat comes along and demands equal time. When prompted by friends “Where’s the cat book?” Jeff responded by writing its counterpoint “Catakism: Bow to the Meow, a Humorous Purr-spective on Humankind’s Obsession With Cats.” 

Both of Jeff’s whimsical and entertaining books chronicle the many ways we are owned by, yet spoil and cherish our furry, four-legged friends.  They illustrate the moments of transcendent joy that animals bring into our lives and what a privilege it is to have loved a pet. These humorous books give weight to W.R. Purche’s theory “Everyone thinks he has the best dog (or cat). And none of them is wrong.”

Jeff Lazarus’ books (shown above) are available at booksellers everywhere and at

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