Munson’s Is the award-winning Chocolate in your Connecticut backyard

Munson’s, an award-winning chocolatier based in Connecticut. 

I’ve been in the travel writing business for more than 30 years, and, as a chocolate-lover, I’ve tasted varieties from all over the world – everything from artisanal brands in Switzerland to the French Valrhona, and they are all wonderful.  But you know what my favorite brand is?  Munson’s, an award-winning chocolatier based in Connecticut.  I thrill to them once a week, on Saturday night when I allow myself to have a treat, and I savor two pieces mindfully. My favorite?  The triple-chocolate layered truffles ($11.25 a box), which consist of three squares of chocolate with dark, milk, and filbert praline.  If you love the taste of chocolate-hazelnut in Nutella, this is the top truffle for you. I can’t live without them.

Munson’s has eight locations in Connecticut, and even makes the personalized chocolate bars for the University of Connecticut.  President Karen Munson granted me an exclusive interview for WAG, telling me all about the brand and its best sellers.  The triple-chocolate layered truffles top the list, along with the turtles with amazing almond toffee-butter crunch, and the tasty bark containing whole, jumbo almonds and cashews.  “People just love it,” Munson says.  “It’s wildly popular.” There’s also a chocolate-cherry bark that I’m dying to try. Your sweet tooth will also be satisfied with chocolate-covered potato chips and raisins, Heavenly Hash bark, Peppermint patties and simple boxes of assorted chocolates. I have to say:  The chocolate-covered raisins are the best “Raisinets” you will ever eat, while the bark is divine and melt-in-your mouth dreamy.

Munson’s is based in Bolton, and was started in 1946 by Munson’s grandparents, who founded the company with their sugar rations at the end of World War II.  Now in its third generation as a family-run business, Munson’s  has received “every award in the industry,” she says.  “We’ve been in first position ever since the ‘Best Of’ the state was instituted, and we never take it for granted,” she adds.  “We fight for that top position.”  Even a chocolate trade association has lauded and awarded Munson’s with accolades, for products, packaging and “our confections in general.”

Why is Munson’s so fabulous?  “Every dairy item comes from a local farm….It makes a difference.  We pick up the containers of milk, cream and butter from the dairy farm just a mile from our factory.” I can vouch for the fact that Munson’s is tempt-your-tastebuds creamy and delicious, and the company still uses the same formulas that were created when the company was founded.

It also does a huge business as wedding  and bridal shower favors, with yummy chocolate bars in personalized, creative wrapping. Says Munson: “We offer chocolates from baby to bridal and everything in between.”  The average price per pound? About $23.

So forget about your next trip to Brussels for some of the world’s best chocolate.  You can stay local and experience confection perfection with Munson’s.

Munson’s is available online as well as in stores throughout Connecticut, including Bolton, Avon, Newington, Mystic, Orange, South Windsor, Glastonbury and West Hartford. 

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