Oh, so sweet

We have featured the products of Runamok Maple here a few times before, most recently in April when the Vermont-based infused maple syrup producer shared a cocktail recipe.

That drink, featuring maple syrup, watermelon and more, was designed to whet our appetite for the warmer months.

Now, Runamok Maple is going one better, as the award-winning firm known for its infused, smoked and barrel-aged maple syrups, unveils its Deluxe Ice Cream Pairing Collection.

This latest collection, again featuring the product packaged in distinctive glass bottles, seems created just for late-spring and summer dessert cravings, especially during July’s observance of National Ice Cream Month.

The Deluxe Ice Cream Pairing Collection, featuring four 60-ml bottles and selling for $19.95, includes Cinnamon and Vanilla-Infused, Hibiscus Flower-Infused, Whiskey Barrel-Aged and Rum Barrel-Aged syrups. It also comes with a recipe card that features pairings created by chef and Runamok co-founder Laura Sorkin.

Our sampling took a simpler route, with us just drizzling the Cinnamon and Vanilla-Infused syrup over vanilla ice cream.

If that was any indication, let’s just say you will want to add some Runamok syrups to your dessert repertoire.

For more, including recipes, visit runamokmaple.com.

– Mary Shustack

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