Our wick-ed ways

Thanksgiving has come and gone and that means only one thing: Tis the season to burn candles. But not those peppermint/eggnog/sugar cookie/cranberry/evergreen scented clichés. Uh-uh, not in this house.

We’re all in for these new scents from our friends David and Kevin at Burkelman in Cold Spring and, of course, online at shopburkelman.com.

The candles are made of 100-percent soy wax and are made in the Hudson Valley.

There are four candles, each with delightful names from the Princess Jasmine Sparkles (jasmine blossom, tuberose and gardenia) to Night Moves (amber, bourbon vanilla and vetiver) to Ambassador So-and-So (bergamot, lemon twist and sandalwood) and That Hudson Valley Candle.

Put a match to “That” candle and get ready to relive some chilly nights in Maine with friends around a campfire. There’s tobacco, moss, oak leaves and maybe the aged leather from your grandfather’s beaten red chair that sat just off the dining room near the old black and white TV.

Ah, smells, what they stir up in the dusty recesses of our minds.

Burkelman is at 101 Main St. in Cold Spring. For more, visit shopburkelman.com.

– Bob Rozycki

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