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How time does fly.

WAG still remembers the steamy temperatures that late afternoon in June that found us at Salon de Ning, the rooftop bar and terrace of The Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan.

We were there for Valmont’s launch of “Essence of Bees,” the latest in the Swiss cosmetic and wellness company’s most prestigious skincare line, l’Elixir des Glaciers, featuring the story in our August issue.

Now, we’ve heard again from Valmont with news about this year’s incarnation of its special holiday edition:

“The 2017 Limited Edition of Elixir des Glaciers exhibits an Asian influence, revealing part two of the Dragon Trilogy. The trilogy is designed by Didier Guillon, president and artistic director of Valmont Group, as a tribute to his wife, Sophie, a fiery woman born under the sign of the dragon. This mythical animal is a symbol of pride, power and prosperity widely celebrated in Asian popular culture.

Today, Didier Guillon is reinterpreting this monument to Asian culture in a flamboyant yet minimalist case, honoring the unique savoir-faire of Murano glassmakers. For part two of the Dragon Trilogy, Didier Guillon designed a dragon motif to be fashioned out of glass by the Venetian master glassmaker Leonardo Cimolin. Shaped by the expert hands of craftsmen and forged in the flames of the workshop’s kiln, Didier Guillon’s inspiration took shape and color, becoming an exceptional work of crystalline glass.

The influences of Asia and Italy merge and create a contrast between the vibrancy of Venetian red and the stateliness of Asian black lacquer.

Created in a 100-piece Limited Edition, each of these works of Murano glass will boxed in a black-lacquered wooden case… a setting worthy of this supreme treatment.”

The Red Dragon Edition, with a suggested retail price of $750, is available at Spa Valmont at Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Manhattan.

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– Mary Shustack


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