Pampering the skin and hair

Recently, we were introduced to the Guinot line of beauty products that may be just what your looking for to reinvigorate your fall beauty regimen.

Start the day with Guinot’s under eye de-puffer. Crème Eye Fresh is best if kept in the fridge. The cold, metal tip is a wake-up call for the eyes. Using caffeine and horse chestnut extract, the cream is designed to reduce puffiness and dark circles. $52.

While the face usually gets top billing in skincare, French women know the neck and chest need special treatment, too. The thin skin there is especially susceptible to wrinkles and sun damage. Guinot’s Longue Vie Décolleté Serum helps restore the firmness of the décolleté by strengthening the skin’s support tissues, resulting in smoother, softer and younger looking skin. $68.

Dewy skin, smooth hair and a fresh scent can all be found within the chic glass bottle of Guinot’s Huile Mirific. Combining vitamins with essential plant oils such as passionflower, orange blossom, vanilla, amber and ylang ylang, this multitasking dry oil nourishes skin, protects dry hair ends and doubles as a floral perfume. $51.

Guinot’s new Mirific Anti-Aging Body Oil restores the skin’s youthful appearance and protects against signs of aging. While the face typically receives the most attention in anti-aging products, the rest of the body is just as vulnerable to aging, which is most often caused by dehydration and results in decreased elasticity. Guinot’s new body oil combines seaweed extract with camellia, passion flower, primrose and argan oil to firm and restore the skin’s natural barrier, resulting in soft and silky skin.

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