Say ‘bye’ to carpet stains

Red wine meets white carpet.

It’s an explosive duo, whose bouts always seem to happen in slow motion.

And even though it’s (usually) an innocent accident, it’s also an instant mood killer – especially, if it happens to your own carpet.

Luckily, Lorena Canals’ washable rugs can make the melodrama manageable without nixing the evening’s fun. The eponymous designer’s handmade rugs, which offer a trendy accent to any living space, can be conveniently cleaned in a standard washing machine. They’re also eco-friendly, made with 100 percent natural cotton and non-toxic dyes.

And because spills don’t only happen on the carpet – unfortunately, sometimes they happen on the couch – Canals created a line of washable cushions in eclectic styles. Some pillows are monochromatic, blending in with the ambiance of any living space, while others are whimsically shaped in the likes of clouds, arrows and hearts, or colored in tie-dye. The company is also kid-friendly, making it a great gift-giving idea.

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– Danielle Renda


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