The New Social offers mask alternatives

The New Social is looking to patent its “wrap-and-pinch” designs. Courtesy The New Social.

Aren’t you tired of wearing a mask?

A lot of people are. They don’t sit tight around your face, and they don’t necessarily make any kind of fashion statement.

But that’s changing. Marketing executive Jonathan Cranin has launched The New Social, a collection of haute-couture scarves that you can wear instead of a mask for better safety –and fashion sense. Just place over your nose and mouth, then “pinch” the invisible nose wire to hold it in place and wrap and wear. Indeed, it’s such a good idea that the “wrap-and-pinch” design is patent-pending. Wearing just one of these stylish scarves also obviates the need to sport a double-mask, which many people are doing during Covid.

Speaking from his home in Bridgehampton, Cranin told me that his invention offers the luxury of a couture scarf with the protection of a high-grade mask.

That is because each scarf (made of cotton or cotton-linen) is treated with a special antimicrobial formula that is 99.99% effective against bacteria. It’s called HeiQ Viroblock, an award-winning Swiss technology that also ensures that your scarf won’t fog up your glasses.

The scarves are cut and sewn in New Orleans and come in 11 beautiful patterns. They measure 14 by 72 inches and are priced from $65 to $85.

“It’s fashion house meets science lab,” Cranin said. And meets philanthropy as well. For each purchase, The New Social is donating a portion of proceeds to Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen to help those people affected by Covid.

Don’t you just love that kind of civic marketing?

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– Debbi K. Kickham

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