Valentine S.O.S.

Don’t tell us you still haven’t done your V-Day shopping? Don’t panic. Take a breath. There’s still time. Better late, as they say, than never with these artful, tasty hearts from luxe British chocolatier Hotel Chocolat, which has opened a brick and mortar at 441 Lexington Ave. near Grand Central Terminal. Hotel Chocolat’s brightly colored V-Day packages come in two sizes – the Valentine H-box of 14 heart-shaped chocolate caramels, fruits, tipples and pralines ($19.50) and the Valentine Sleekster Chocolate Box filled with 27 of the beauties ($34.50). Here’s what the candymaker suggests: “Try each recipe as a twosome – with chocolate pairings perfect for sharing – from France’s most popular Champagne poured into our truffles to the zing of intense passion fruit sealed in creamy white chocolate. To finish, roasted pistachio praline with notes of dulce de leche or sealed with a salted caramel kiss?”

We say, “Why not?”

And Happy Valentine’s Day.

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– Georgette Gouveia

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