A death in the Westfair family

We at WAG – and our sister publications at Westfair Communications, the Westchester and Fairfield County Business Journals – are heartbroken to report the passing of one of our four-legged “staffers,” Willy DelBello, the 8-year-old West Highland Terrier son of publisher Dee DelBello.

To say Willy was a unique presence in the office is an understatement. Named after Prince William, Willy was the feisty yang to big brother Sollo’s mellow yin – always the first to take a seat at the staff meetings (particularly when birthday cake was on the agenda) and ever ready to protect the office from marauding deliverymen and gardeners outside. Sometimes, Willy was a little too enthusiastic on the protection front. But in keeping with the tradition of not speaking ill of the dead, we’ll let that pass for now.

All kidding aside, it is often harder to lose a pet than it is a human relation. When Fluffy or Rover dies, few come around to speak of the comforts of heaven. And yet, we’re sure that Willy is up in doggy heaven, giving old St. Pete a run for his money.

You go, Willykins. And put in a good word for the rest of us below, will ya?

Georgette Gouveia

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