Honoring their heritage

Alex and Andrew Weisz have a respect for the South American heritage of their father, developer Robert P. Weisz, and the RPW Group he founded and has so carefully cultivated.

At home in the lodge

When two kindred souls come together, they have double the power to forge something wonderful. Such was the case with Abbott and Christina Fleur, the proprietors of Honey Maple Grove Lodge, a tranquil and natural retreat hidden in the hills of Bedford.

Stylin’ ballplayers

As we head into September signaling the near-end of the regular baseball season and the race for divisional, league and world championship titles, it seemed fitting to include the uniforms of this legendary game in the context of fashion.

Healing the Natural Way

There is a small but ever-growing segment of the population adding naturopathic doctors and regimens to their health care teams. Recently, Gina Gouveia spoke with Carine Bonnist, N.D., a member of the four-person medical team at Shalva Clinic, a Westport-based naturopathic medicine practice, to get up to speed on this trend and learn more about what led her to choose this field, one that is scientifically based and administered by doctors who receive medical degrees.

Obsessed with olive oil

Curtis Cord, the founder and publisher of Olive Oil Times, an online publication, has a three-fold mission – to provide news about all things olive oil, to educate its readers about its life-enhancing benefits and to rate the best specimens during its annual worldwide competition, now in its sixth year.

Boqueria, the restaurant – in print

The Boqueria restaurants, conceived by Yann de Rochefort, are by all accounts a success. And who doesn’t love a restaurant success story? Especially when it results in a hefty and impressive jacketless, paper-over-board cookbook.

Bill Taibe, curator of contemporary cuisine

Bill Taibe, curator of contemporary cuisine

Spend a couple of hours in the company of Bill Taibe, Weston resident and native son of Patterson, and you will instantly understand the role of the contemporary executive chef-restaurant owner—mentor, creative force, innovator and curator.

Oceania’s world, your way

If you are thinking of dipping your toe into cruising waters for the first time or, even if you’re a seasoned cruiser, look perhaps to Oceania Cruises, a favorite among discerning and mature travelers.

Ambassador of Italian cuisine

Lidia Bastianich – Italian chef and restaurateur extraordinaire – tells WAG about her feast of a life, which included delivering wedding cakes with actor Christopher Walken. Who knew?