August 2018

Sporting Inspirations

The Kennedy’s Canine Cabinet


Through firsthand accounts, rarely seen photographs and documents from the archives of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, authors Margaret Reed of Wilton and Joan Lownds present a fascinating look at life with the Kennedys and their canine companions in the new book “The Dogs of Camelot, Stories of the Kennedy Canines.”

The mental ‘game’ of yoga


“It’s not just a physical thing. It’s also mental,” says Brett Bonnist, a yoga and meditation instructor with Kaia Yoga in Fairfield County who’ll be leading a meditation workshop Aug. 4 and 5 at the Heart Health Weekend at the Renaissance Westchester Hotel in Harrison.

Healing the Natural Way


There is a small but ever-growing segment of the population adding naturopathic doctors and regimens to their health care teams. Recently, Gina Gouveia spoke with Carine Bonnist, N.D., a member of the four-person medical team at Shalva Clinic, a Westport-based naturopathic medicine practice, to get up to speed on this trend and learn more about what led her to choose this field, one that is scientifically based and administered by doctors who receive medical degrees.

Persistence pays for CBS sports chair


For tomorrow’s sports broadcasters who want to be the next Jim McKay – or the next Sean McManus, for that matter – the executive recommends persistence and perseverance. “Knock on every door that you can,” he says. “When the first opportunity comes along, take it. It’s a very difficult industry to get into.”

Crazy ‘Love’


Jason Kohn’s documentary, “Love Means Zero,” centers on the impervious tennis coach Nick Bollettieri and his complex relationship with his most famous pupil, Andre Agassi.