July 2018

Tasteful Inspirations

Playful Penelope


Penelope, a Shiba Inu mix, was rescued from Thailand, where many dogs are captured as part of the illegal dog meat trade. Luckily, Penelope made the long journey over to the SPCA to get a second chance. Just a few years old, Penelope has a wonderful disposition — sweet and playful and not overly energetic.

Revisiting the Dad Bod


Exactly one year ago, Giovanni Roselli wrote about his plan to combat the “Dad Bod” after the birth of his daughter, Juliet Rose. In this month’s column, he looks back at the past 12 months and recaps his strategy thus far.

Coping with poison ivy


“If butterflies land there, don’t put your hand there”: The old children’s rhyme is Robert Levine, MD’s caution against the dangers of touching poison ivy and related outdoor plants like poison oak and poison sumac, whose oily substance can cause serious – and, sometimes, severe – skin reactions.

Still entertaining


Mark Kramer, the man behind Susan Lawrence in Chappaqua, shared holiday entertaining ideas with us in 2011. Today, he’s launched a new Susan Lawrence website and expanded its menus, draws on his own Putnam County garden for ingredients and is working on a cookbook. All the while, he’s also feeding his passion for classical music.

Putting the spark in sparkling


Legendary French Champagne makers Taittinger hired Eileen Crane to help plan and develop California’s Domaine Carneros, from vineyard to winery to château. That was 40 years ago and today it and she are at the forefront of American sparkling wines.