Sandal lust inspired by Canfora

We're head-over-heels in love with these sandals for this summer season.

And that’s probably a good thing. That’s because I’m head-over-heels in love with a brand of sandals that gets my heart pumping. That luxury brand is Canfora of Capri. Two years ago, I acquired a gorgeous, knock-your-socks-off pair of jeweled diamond sandals that elegantly complement any outfit.

Don’t you just love a pair of soigné sandals that go with everything?

I’m talking about the “Mara,” and from the moment I saw them, my heart melted. I had to have them. A voice inside my head started telling me – perhaps it was the shoe whisperer – that I simply had to have these sandals. I love them, I need them, I want them – and now they are mine. In faux diamonds, which sparkle with shine.

I bought them on my last trip to Capri at Canfora. (The store was closed during Covid, but accepts internet orders on its website and ships them out via DHL). The tiny little sandal store on the Via Camarelle is famous for Jacqueline Kennedy’s visit in 1962, when she was first lady. She was vacationing and had heard about the custom-made sandals and arranged a visit – at midnight. For further proof, you can see the photographs, because they are displayed in the shop. Kennedy even put her foot on a page of the store’s logbook, where Amedeo Canfora – the store owner – traced her foot in order to track her correct shoe size. Canfora wrote on the page, that the foot outline belonged to “Signora Kennedy, wife of President Kennedy.”

Among other sandals, Kennedy purchased a pair of sandals called the “K,” a best seller that Canfora still sells today at 369 Euros ($451.95). It is a simple pair of handmade sandals with intertwined silver chains. There’s also a photo of Kennedy in the AnaCapri chairlift, wearing a different pair of Canfora sandals – a style called the “Tara.” (By the way, she wore a size 9 shoe.)

Going to Canfora is a must-do in Capri, along with buying some Carthusia perfume and purchasing some Limoncello. It’s delightful. Whenever you can get yourself to Capri – and I hope that is soon – go to the shop, select the style you prefer and get your foot measured. Then, Costanzo Canfora – Amedeo’s grandson – will go to town behind the counter, where hammers, nails, awls and pliers help him to fit famous and not-so-famous feet. The entire process takes about 15 minutes and faster than you can say “Jackie,” you have yourself a pair of gorgeous sandals for your gams. Celebrities and VIPS such as Aerin Lauder and Naomi Campbell have bought them.

It’s just as easy to select your favorite on the Canfora website. In fact, the hardest part is deciding which pair you want. Popular and trending now is the “Madeline – Laboratorio Capri,” for 279 euros ($341.75). (WAG Readers can receive a 15% discount with the code WAG MAG).

I also own a pair of indescribably delicious, jeweled sandals called “Sophie.” These are outfitted with beautiful faux gemstones in a rainbow of colors, and they also go with everything. Shorts. Skorts. Long pants. Skirts. Ball gowns. Blue jeans. Chanel sundresses. You name it. Want a pair? Just do some armchair shopping. You’ll get your custom sandals shipped out for delivery within three days.

The only thing they require is a posh pedicure.

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– Debbi K. Kickham

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