The solace of nature

On a glorious late winter Saturday at Rye Town Park in Rye, the lot was packed with cars, so much so that it was hard for my Audi Alessandra to practice her social distancing. (Remember: Six feet, everybody.)

Something about the hint of spring, the desire to be outdoors, to be with others though apart had stirred in residents and myself. As people rode their bikes and frolicked with their dogs on the beach, I took an hour walk from the park to Playland Amusement Park and back again, marveling at the restorative power of the sea.

Nature can be a, well, you know, rhymes with witch. (The corona virus is, after all, part of nature.) But it can also soothe, refresh and inspire, strengthening us for the days ahead.

– Georgette Gouveia

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