MAY 2016

Celebrating spring

Making the cut


We can’t help but notice when someone has a fabulous haircut or luminous color. What is it about hair that garners so much attention?…

Chic choices


FLUTTERING BUTTERFLIES (1) Kim Seybert, the home goods designer featured in a 2015 WAG profile, draws eternal inspiration from the world around her. Her latest…

Traveling by design


For Kobi Halperin, design is in the details.  His canvas begins with a monochromatic palette, but his final portrait tells a story of dedicated craftsmanship…

A full face-lift


Written by Renae Cohen It’s my pleasure and passion to design homes that reflect the lifestyles and personalities of the owners. When I first…

Chinese Reaganomics


Written by Seymour Topping Reading the news out of Beijing nowadays, you may very well be puzzled as to what philosophy is guiding the…