September 2018

Fashionable Inspirations

Design trends


Fall fashion is an exciting predictor of the next year’s trends for clothing and home décor that is eagerly anticipated by the style-conscious among us.

The versatile appeal of Lalique


Lalique is one of the most familiar names in glass and I’m almost sure to find an example or two on a client visit. But René Lalique’s glass was the focus of the second of his two highly successful careers. He was first known for his outstanding Art Nouveau jewelry designs.

Compassionate to the bone


“Our practice prides itself on being compassionate,” Alex Levchenko, MD, says of the staff at ONS. “We run on time, so patients don’t come and wait for hours. We think compassionate care is the key. We look at you as a human being and not just a part of the body.”

Fido fashionistas


In 2016, sisters Alejandra and Pauline Martinez combined their love of animals with a flair for fine fashion and launched a new line of high quality garments for dogs called Paco & Lucia.

Vintage dreams


Avid collector Paige J. Nichols held onto the stuffed “Dream Pets” of her youth, knowing one day she would bring them back to life in her own vision.